Bruichladdich – The apartment artist

She’s sitting at her desk, a work space of sorts, a kitchen table, really, scattered with scraps of her work.

She’s good at what she does, surrounded by design work that is real and valid and really used, but you’d think she’s still starving with the way she lives, still working at this kitchen table like she’s living on peanuts.

She’s eating a bowl of cereal – cocoa puffs – and the air is saturated with the smell of it.

She’s all but consumed in the tasks of eating this cereal and looking over her work when you walk into the wall of this scene.

She looks at you. At first you think she’s going to be easy-going and fun, even a little childish, this woman surrounded by her design work eating children’s cereal.

But then she speaks, and it’s this truly cutting comment – without even the ambiguity you felt with Lagavulin. And at first you’re taken aback… but you hold your ground and you guys start talking, you sticking around because she has stuff to say and she’s actually pretty engaging and not all of her comments come off like that first one.

Not all of them, but enough. Every few statements, she tosses you another truly biting remark, staring you down hard for a moment before taking another spoonful of cereal.



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